Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama- The Great White Hope

By now everyone knows that in all likelihood Obama will be the president-elect in a few short days. I can't speak for anyone else but I for one will be glad to see him elected. Oh, not for some pie-in-the-sky racial equality, 'can we put that stuff behind us' rigamarole. Oh no, far from any of the New Age rationale of Obama coming to save us bullshit. Although Obama's election may very well be the straw that saves the camel from going over the cliff. Pick your metaphor because none of the old metaphors work and jumbling them together may be the right course these days.
In my nearly fifty years I have been a political junkie almost to the point of rabidity at times. I clearly remember listening to the radio for the election returns on election night 1968 to see if Nixon had won. I don't recall my parents being all that political, in fact I don't think they even voted. But never-the-less I was for Nixon and when he won I was hooked on the political process but I never could bring myself to drink the Kool-aid though. After Watergate, my biggest beef with Ford was that he pardoned Nixon. To my idealistic way of thinking, all men were to be tried by the law no matter their station in life and when Ford issued that pardon, I knew that America had changed. It set up the imperial presidency. It also made Jimmy Carter possible. No matter the election results of 1976, Ford had no chance of being elected.
I won't go through so much of of Reagan's Amnesty , or Bush the Elder's 'Read My Lips ', but with Clinton other than to draw attention to what Ford had wrought, namely; the Imperial Presidency.
Clinton by all accounts, and no matter what anyone feels about the situation, broke the law. Perjury is illegal and should be more so when committed by an elected official. Any elected official. And there are those that say," Hey he was only lying about a blow-job, man, chill out." Okay fine, if he had used his personal resources to cover and hide his personal business I would have no problem, but he didn't. He used the People's resources to obfuscate his personal business. Another example of the Imperial Presidency. Remember this, when one elected official gets away with something, it sets a precedent that others will follow. And government has proven that when it comes to getting away with pushing the envelope, or taking away our rights, they will continue until there are no rights no more.
We are all very and too familiar with all the examples of Bush the Lesser's pushing the Imperial Presidency to its extreme. Most notable during this period is Cheney's setting up of the Imperial Vice-Presidency. Never before has a Vice-President glommed onto as much power and secrecy than in the last eight years. Again folks, this is the precedent and without a snapping back of the office into its rightful position, we may end up regretting that we allowed it to happen through the inaction of our elected representatives.
So now we are faced with a brand new version of a president in the form of a half African-American (?) becoming our first non-White President. Many people look upon this with great hope for a break from the past and the new American morning dawning on the horizon and all those tired cliches personified. But somehow, I kind of doubt it. Oh don't get me wrong. I could never vote for McCain because I have seen the Manchurian Candidate and if ever there was one, it is McCain. On the other hand, I am just as convinced that Obama is the Anti-Christ so where does that leave us?
America has come to the end of its rope folks. That's the truth plainly and simply. Our manufacturing has gone to distant shores, as has the best and brightest of our military forces. Now the countries that we import most of our goods from will soon refuse to take our dollar as payment. What then?
As the twilight of America as we knew it approaches who better to lead us into oblivion but a Black Democrat. This is how devious those that pull the strings are. Let Obama oversee the destruction of America so that whatever remnant there may be won't blame the Republicans and then they will be able to pick up the pieces. They think. I've got news for them.
Obama's election will herald in an era of the down and out feel that can get their leg up as it were. All of a sudden the disenfranchised are gonna start feeling empowered and to a greater or lesser degree they're gonna feel entitled. An Obama presidency is going to see a whole class of people bewildered because they helped put him into the office. Make no mistake, it won't be Obama himself that will put the hurt on the new underclass, it will be those that have common cause with him that will begin to make your lives miserable. Can you say 'back of the bus'? I knew you could.
But beyond that reality is the fact that the perfect storm of financial ruin and regulation are flying over the horizon at such speed that it will astonish all and destroy many. All that you know now and take for granted will be gone. To be sure, you will still have a job to go to. In fact you may be compelled to go to work. You may not however, get there by the means you are used to. Gasoline will become a luxury since the oil producers no longer accept USDollars. On the bright side, stock of Schwinn bicycles will skyrocket!
People lament that Wal-mart has destroyed the 'Mom and Pop' stores. The good news is that Wal-mart will become a 'Mom and Pop' store because China refuses to accept the USDollar and their shelves are empty of everything except bread, milk, and maybe eggs. Break out Grandma's cookbooks girls, you are about to embark on the ultimate Home Economics course.
Boys, you can all get on the internet and read up on the differences between a 'ho' and a 'hoe', because you're about to become as intimately familiar with the one as you were with the other. Begin your preparations NOW to get out of the bigger cities. Your life literally depends on it. Most people aren't aware that most grocery stores only have a three day supply of food under the best of conditions. During a riot, you can expect a store to empty out in a few hours. One need look no further in the past than New Orleans after Katrina or the Los Angeles riots in the nineties to know the conditions you may face in a severe and sudden economic downturn. Get out now!
Many Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that the need for weapons and specifically guns is long past and that is exactly what the government wants you to think because the Great Collapse has been coming for some time. I am hereby naming the upcoming period as the Great Collapse. Not the Great Depression II because that implies that we will weather the storm and eventually get back to "normal". Well, folks, that ain't gonna happen. Normal as you imagine it now is soon going to end forever in your lifetime.
So what has this to do with Obama? It has everything and nothing to do with Obama per se as he is only a symbol don't you see? Each President has implemented or overseen laws and regulations that have moved us in this direction from FDR to now. A case could be made that it began even earlier than that. But with each Administration whether it be Democrat or Republican, our country has slid slowly, almost imperceptibly towards oblivion. You have heard the situation described as the frog in the pot. Take a frog and dump him into a pot of boiling water and he will immediately jump out. But put him in cold water and slowly turn up the heat and he'll eventually boil without jumping out. That's us folks. We have been in this cool water for so long that very few have noticed the rise in temperature. Many now are screaming at the sleepwalkers to wake up because the water is HOT! And getting hotter by the minute.
To that end, Obama is the symbol that the Rulers of the Universe are sending to us that the End is upon us. He is the break with the past, with the old way of doing things that we have come to rely on. And instead of being fearful of this I feel that we should rejoice.
Here now is the opportunity to learn what our ancestors knew and we have been taught to deny. That is, we need each other. We need our families, we need our neighbors. Maybe in ways we never could've imagined. That little old lady down the block probably knows how to can food for a long winter. Do you? Does your wife/girlfriend/significant other? Probably not. Do you know how to repair a lawnmower? Probably not, but I bet the old man that chases the kids off of his lawn does. You see, we as a people are on the brink of events that will forever change our future. We can begin now to make the transition tolerable or you can do nothing, and accept the chains that are being forged around your neck even now. Begin now to acquire the tools you think you may need to make your future a possibility. Go here for some essential products and go here and many other places to read up on ideas for survival.
Above all else though, remember, Obama cannot 'change' the future. That has pretty much been written in stone. But as a symbol he is the best thing we could have hoped for. The Rulers of the Universe have sent us Obama to signal their intentions and we best heed the message.

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Rights of Man said...

Abso-FKING-lutely brilliant, sir. This was quite well thought out, and well-written. I joked with my wife that it would be like the masters-of-the-universe to finally give a black man the "reigns" only to let him get the blame. Good one, sir. Glad to see you're at the house. Enjoy it.

You know...I've been meaning to get a bicycle for years, and just haven't done it. I think I will get one this week.