Monday, February 21, 2011

Clear sign of OWO vs. NWO

Viewing the series of events since the Egyptian uprising, these are the times that define the Old World Order clinging to the system that keeps them in power and crushes independence and freedom in every imaginable way.

Countries all over the world now are standing up to their governments in peaceful ways yet on many occasions the leaders of some countries are ordering armed repression killing many protesters in the process.

The interesting aspect is that even some countries that we consider 'enemies' are more than willing to keep the status quo power structure. If anything one would think that these so called 'Rogue' States would welcome Global realignment. Apparently not.

With that in mind the West can't begin to gloat about the strife in the Middle East amongst its People's. Because the Powers That Be in the West aren't immune to protest. You can bet they will cling to the Old Way of doing things as tenaciously as those 'Dictators' of the Third World.

People are beginning to see that, though separated by economic and religious ideologies, all governments are cogs in the machine of human oppression.

Welcome to the revolution.

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