Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Found this , Tomgram article. Please take the time to actually read this. Read slowly so that the concepts can sink in.

In it the author Tom Engelhardt very ably lays down the over arching plans put in motion even before 9-11. His analysis of those that were in charge, and those still in charge is spot on. I have been a subscriber to "Tomgrams" for over a year. He and his guest writers are better informed it seems than most blogs out there. And there are some gems if you follow the links.

From this particular article, I only wish Tom had made the next logical jump from a "Greater Middle East" to the forces that are bringing them about.

Washington D.C. through many administrations has shown itself to be firmly in the lap of Israel. Seemingly doing it's bidding to bring about a "Greater Middle East" and for whose benefit? Certainly not the USA. America has become the 'War' wing of the IDF. Why should they fight for their own alleged safety when they can direct gulible American boys and girls to die for them?


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