Monday, October 13, 2008

Empress Moose-alini and the Most Important Election That Doesn't Matter

The so-called right wing of the American electorate is becoming more and more rabid as the thought of their genuine American Hero, John McCain, getting ready to lose in Reagan-whipping-Mondale style. That is to say, by a landslide. That description is being bandied about quite a bit here lately as the economy tanks and McCain supporters shout 'off with his head' at their rallies. If only. My guess is that Obama won't win by a landslide and will be fortunate to be served breakfast in bed on November 5th. His own bed.

Read into it what you will but I am of the opinion that there are two scenarios that are equally likely to happen on the weekend before the election. The most likely in my opinion is that Israel will finally attack Iran on the Saturday before the election, November 1st. Several factors influence my thoughts on this possibility.

Israel has been beating the drum for an attack by someone on Iran for well over a year now. Lately, according to the ever truthful American media, Israel has asked the Americans for permission to attack and supposedly have been turned down due to the American people being wise to the shenanagins of the Zio-Nutsi's.

Israel thinks that the window of opportunity to cripple Iran is closing as Bush's days dwindle away. You see, Israel cannot attack Iran without our approval because the plan is to bomb Iran and then when Iran righteously strikes back, Israel can sit back and allow Americans to spill its blood defending them. Kind of like what happens when your little brother calls the neighborhood bully a name only when you're there to take the beating. None-the-less, Israel feels that McCain will in all likelihood be even more war-mongeringly happy to saddle up for a war on Israel's behalf. Obama, despite having said so, may not automatically be on board with a screamingly unpopular war with Iran. The American people as it is have surged their support right out of the Iraq quagmire and are really not in the mood for another war with a better equipped country than Iraq that really hasn't done anything to us. Not that Iraq did either but the 9-11 jam just won't spread on Iranian bread.

Besides that, Russia ruined the party for the Neo-Zio-Nuts by springing a well planned trap on the Israel of the Caucasus. You see, Israel and the US had supplied mega Billions worth of FedBucks worth of weapons to Saakashvili as a deterrant to the Russian Bear. Probably because the US was trying to fast track Georgia and Ukraine into NATO despite having told Russia in the 90's that they wouldn't do it. All of a sudden Russia looks around and they are surrounded by NATO. With men like Bush/Cheney running around, who wouldn't be a little paranoid about being surrounded? So now we have Saakashvili flush with the best NATO/American weapons, thousands of Israeli tourists spending money, buying land, etc, and he gets the great idea to teach those Ossetians a lesson. He attacks knowing full well that there were Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia but hey, America has my back so damn the torpedoes. Russia almost assuredly had some spies in Tbilisi because almost as soon as the thought leapt out of Saakashvili's mouth the Russians kicked the Mahtzo balls right out of the Georgian Army . To say the Russians were prepared for this is a gross understatement. Georgians were fleeing, Israeli's were fleeing, it was quite a sight to see. Especially when our government got up and started claiming a little too early and loudly that the Russians started it. The dutifuly obeisant media followed along and repeated the line as often as possible. After sifting through that rubble we find snippets that the Israeli's had planned to use Georgia as a staging area for attacking Iran.
Oh my! Scratch that plan. But it goes to show that the will is there for an unprovoked attack on a sovereign country that has done nothing to any of the wannabe aggressors nor to any of it's neighbors. In short, Israel is highly likely to attack Iran in order to boost McCain's chances of winning the election which would then be a green light for continuing the attack for as long as USrael felt it necessary.

The next scenario is a little harder to talk about because I dread even thinking that this could happen but after the last eight years, nothing is impossible or even improbable. Our government can and will do anything it feels necessary in order to further it's or another country's agenda. At times it is hard to define where one country ends and the other begins.

As written earlier, the perception by some is that Obama stands squarely in the way of any attack on Iran. He has repeatedly worn the yarmulke and pledged his unabashed support yet many in the forelocked community still believe he places America's interests before Israel's. And that just won't do. "It's not enough to obey Israel. You must LOVE Israel."

Empress Moose-alini aka Sarah Palin was chosen as a perk-up to the flagging Republican ticket and maybe more because she actually has been genuflecting to The Lobby for quite a while. She's on board with the whole Neo-Zio-Con agenda without all that messy being intelligent stuff to get in the way. I mean she was on her front porch watching Putin 'rear his ugly head' in Georgia waaaay before they picked her to be VP. She has been spouting the lines given her by her handlers with enough verve to actually get the Republicrowds riled up. Maybe a little too riled up. Which is why I fear for Obama. One of these nuts will think he's doing the Lord's work in guaranteeing McCain's election. Farfetched? Recall that Hinckley shot Reagan in an attempt to impress Jodie Foster for crying out loud. Somewhere out there is a nut who took all those winks Palin was throwing him to heart. And 'She'll be so down-hearted if she don't win, I jist cain't let 'er down!"

Either scenario is just as likely to happen the weekend before the election as the other or maybe neither will happen. None of us knows but we all feel that Something will happen. The stock market is fluctuating so wildly that CNBC hosts can't decide on laughing or crying. Cramer should throw himself out of a window just out of embarassment at this point.

In any case we need to all hang on and don't be surprised by anything you see. Arrange your life so that no matter what 'they' do, it won't affect you. The government is controlled by people whose names and faces you'll never know or see. The front man, er, I mean, President, doesn't matter one little bitty bit. Oh yes, no matter what, Israel will get their war on Iran and Empress Moose-alini can be counted on to use her soldier son as a prop for American/Israeli Patriotism.


Markblume said...

You may be right,but I hope you are wrong.Peace to the world is still my DREAM!!!!!!!!!!

Lew Scannon said...

I can't help that Barack has been the choice of the corpocracy from day one. Why is it that the GOP all of a sudden picked John McCain to be their candidate, and then he goes forward with the most stupefyingly awful campaign ever ran.
Remember, Bush was opposed to "nation building" prior to winning the election. I hope not, but wouldn't be surprised if Obama did the same.

Strawman said...

I sincerely hope I'm wrong too Mark. Neither scenario bodes well for the American people and at this point they are the only ones I care about. If these things only adversely affected the government then I wouldn't mind at all. Unfortunately the old saying about certain things rolling downhill applies with both possibilities. Thanks for reading.

Historia said...

He has repeatedly worn the yarmulke and pledged his unabashed support yet many in the forelocked community still believe he places America's interests before Israel's.

USA needs a President who puts US interests FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD, and any Israeli interests a very very LONG way down the list.

Vierotchka said...

Saturdays are holy, Shabbat, I doubt Israel will attack on a Saturday.

lew scannon, McCain is a stalwart Neocon, that's why he was chosen and helped so much on the way.

vlad said...

Hinckley shot Reagan to impress Bush the elder, there is quite a connection.