Monday, October 13, 2008

Slouching Toward Oblivion

Here we are at the beginning of the beginning of the end. What does that mean? The road traveled to where we are now is way too littered with signposts to go over all of them now. I will go back over time and revisit some of those signs but I will be writing with an eye to those who have already done their homework and fully know or suspect how we got here and where we seem to be headed.

Today is Monday, October 13th, 2008 and we have been witness to the outrageous spectacle of the United States government continuing its 'the sky is falling' shtick in regards the economy. Does anyone remember just a few weeks ago Treasury Secretary Paulson coming out and saying that he had to have a whole bunch of money or else the country would fall straight off the face of the Earth? Or words to that effect. At least that is what the several Senators, most notably Dodd, came out and said on CNN. When asked exactly what scenario was given to the Senators in the close door session with Paulson, Dodd, more or less said, "Well, it was scary. So scary that we were all shocked into silence for 10-15 seconds." That's almost a verbatim quote. Another Senator, probably Schumer, said virtually the same thing. Basically telling the American public that the 'truth' was just too much for the Public to bear, but we need to pass this thing!
Lo and behold the House of Representatives voted the first version down. Probably a coordinated attempt to show the people that they are really on our side (snicker, snicker). This was the single digit sized version. And when I looked up, the sky was still there! Amazing. Not to be deterred the Senate stepped up to the plate and showed the House what 'responsibility' looked like and they passed the 100 page version. After some haggling over what would make the bill appear to look out for 'main street', the House finally passed the 450 page version. And the stock market dropped like a stone. Uh-oh, the sky looked a little shaky after the bailout was passed but not so before the bailout/pork bill passed.

Here are a few sure signs that the bailout bill was a farce. Did the government happen to mention that because of our extreme economic conditions the War in Iraq was being called off because we just can't afford it? No, I didn't hear that one either. How about foregoing the Billions of dollars in Financial aid to foreign countries? Did anyone mention that because of our economic pain, those that live off of our largesse will have to feel some pain too? I missed that press conference too.

Just like with 9-11 you don't have to listen to what the government is saying, listen to what they are not saying. After 9-11 you would think the government would have immediately shut down the borders. They didn't do that though. I guess to do so would be un-American. The easiest 'solution' to hijacking would have been to arm the pilots but I guess people that are entrusted with hundreds of lives and several tons of flying metal just can't be trusted to wield an actual firearm. No, in the governments view it is far easier to strip-search little old ladies and fund another branch of government bureaucracy than to equip a couple hundred pilots with a dangerous firearm.

So what does that mean to you and me and the rest of the public? No one knows for sure of course but I have a really bad feeling that it is not good. And I don't mean that in a generic way. I mean 'not good' as in America could really be on the way out as a going concern. For sure we'll wake up twenty years from now and the land mass will still be referred to as America or maybe even the USA, but as a Freedom loving, American Dream kind of place, mmm, well maybe not so much.

The government is up to something and many believe it is in the final stages of enacting the North American Union thereby bringing in the Amero to replace the dollar. This scenario seems to be an easy call. Many bring up the FEMA camps built or being built around the country and that too seems to be an easy call at this point. Whatever the situation ends up being I started this blog to ask you, my fellow Americans, what are you gonna do when they come for you? Will you fight or just be relieved that someone is finally coming to 'take care' of you. No more headaches Comrade, the government will take care of all your needs. Just submit to their authority like the Bible tells you to in Romans 13 and 'you'll be fine'!

No one can answer that question for you but I urge you to reach down inside and ask yourself that question. Look at your children and ask yourself if you could live with yourself knowing that when the time came, you didn't do anything to keep your children from the yoke of slavery. Make no mistake, we are already living as slaves when the government has the final say about how much you must pay in tribute/taxes and how those taxes will be used without your say-so or approval. You do not matter. You are inconsequential in the big scheme of things. The government is and has been busy deciding you and your children's futures. The only problem arises when you finally realize that you might not like the future. By the time you think to protest it will be too late and the only recourse will be death or slavery without complaint.

Some famous quotes to speed you along in your decision;

"I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees"- attributed to Emilio Zapata

"It is not enough to obey our leader. You must love him."-O'Brien in George Orwell's book '1984'

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