Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Mother's day

I'm really pleased with the recent developments in the 'family' relationships. So far, from what I've read, I'm relieved that you all turned out to be pretty good kids. Caring for your children as you do. Late in life I decided to raise a young'n.
From the beginning, I followed a variation of the Golden Rule i.e. 'Do Unto Others...' in that I want to be the Dad I wanted as a child. And it seems to be working pretty well, but it has always been true that adults easily remember various stages of Biblical 'Discipline' from their youth.
My advice would be to remember those times from your childhood, and rather than react to situations e.g. spilt milk, broken windows, etc stop and remember if you had a similar incident. If you did/did not like the results, then by all means change it for the next generation. Break the cycle.

But I'm just a man and my opinions may be better kept to myself.


Happy Mothers day!

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Blizzie said...

Thank you for writing this. Love you!