Friday, May 13, 2011


I have a feeling that the price of gold is about to go exponential. 'About' being +/- 5 years. Silver has been in the mid to high 30's for a while. Still up a high percentage over 6-12 months ago. And several hundred per cent from 10+ years, so silver is still a good deal and this pullback can get 5 quality oz.'s for around 200 fedbux.
For a real cheap thrill, try buying some Copper bullion. It is dirt cheap but impressive once you feel the coins in your hand. I buy from here,"Provident Metals" Plus they will resume their rightful place as coinage accepted someday right behind silver and gold. As it has always been. Since Ancient times, there has been a metal coinage. It is a fact of civilized society. With all the various catastrophe's over the millenia, society drifts back to safety of metal money. Unlike a paper note, it degrades very slowly and once struck can last for many, many years of service. It has to because there will be relatively few in circulation.

Who would trust paper money after a global disaster? We know one is coming. We don't know what yet, but it could be this from the Jet Propulsion Labaratory, "Comet Elenin" or here. It may not be The END, but it should be interesting and that's what you'd expect from a Comet if only because they are so rare in one's lifetime. Like Space putting on a show just for us. Humbling and fascinating. That last link also explains that there is a double whammy for around the same time as the Comet is also to be another Celestial visitor, the Comet Honda. In fact Elenin and Honda cross paths somewhere inside of our orbit around the Sun. I mean this is way more than one could hope for in a single lifetime.

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